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Ini Dia Pengakuan Ebrahim B yang Pernah Bergabung ISIS

Ebrahim B (pictured), a German Tunisian, travelled to Syria to join ISIS last year but was interrogated by the terrorists who feared he was a spy. He is due to appear in court today.

Arab Saudi Diajak Berbaikan oleh Presiden Iran

The Gulf kingdo­m and some of its allies severe­d diplom­atic relati­ons with Iran over the Januar­y 2 embass­y attack­

Isu Menyebutkan Bahwa Verizon Tertarik Ingin Akuisisi Yahoo

Yahoo's move comes a day after industry-leading DraftKings and FanDuel agreed to do the same.

Lionel Messi Sudah Tak Bernafsu Lagi Kejar Rekor Pribadi