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The perks of having a friend who's a make up artist. :)

from StampinMak

Blogging Friends Blog Hop – Holidays

Welcome to this month’s “Blogging Friends Blog Hop!” Who are the ‘Blogging Friends’? We are Stampin’ Up! demonstrators all across the U.S. and Canada. Most of us haven’t met in person, but love Sta…

Magpies are gorgeous, noisy birds who love collect bright and shiny objects. They are the "glitteraty"(sp?) of the bird world!

So pufflings, this is my theory on Hogwarts friendships. Now please realize that of course there are exceptions to everything; this is just what I think tends to happen. Send me feedback to your heart’s content :). (forgive my non-existent graphics skills) --> seems pretty accurate!

from City Brights: Margot Magowan

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert says childless women are just fine

Elizabeth Gilbert is a successful woman and author of many books. Our favorite is 'Eat Pray Love".

“Everybody knows him and everybody loves seeing him,” says U.S. Army Spc. Logan Ellard, who’s been with Thor for eight months. “When I take him around, he brings the morale up of everyone immensely.” Looks like this Tactical Explosive Detection Dog makes Ellard pretty happy, too. Photo by Spc. Mark VanGerpen. / U.S. Army

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For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

He’s got a really tight-knit and fun group of friends. | For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

I hope one day you give your heart to someone and they will hold it tight as if it’s their own. I hope one day you wake up and have something or someone to live for. I hope one day you can go to bed smiling without a worry in the world. I hope one day the battle is over and you’ve won. I hope one day you meet someone who makes you realize how beautiful you truly are.

Aw, but who would ever get over her first love if it were Ji-soo (Page Turner)? The up-and-comer has been cast in the new SBS medical drama Doctors, where he’ll play a childhood friend with a one-sided love for our sassy heroine Park Shin-hye (which I guess technically makes her his first love). Puppy crush …

Beautiful and they deserve your respect liberals. They won...get over yourselves! Stop whining and get busy helping to turn America around after 8 years of a president bought and paid for by George Soros who hates America!!!