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Custom Traveler's Doublet in Linen by ChickenVicious on Etsy

Huntsman or Woodsman Doublet or Vest. Brown. Large. Custom orders available

This was the comon outfit that a cell gaurd would wear and it just consists of a long sleeved shirt and a leather vest to protect their chest from the inmates

Kalderash Roma's camp. 1892. Gypsies tried to demonstrate as many singes of wealth as possible. Men usually wore wide leather belts (very wide ones with several clasps) like Hungarian, Carpathian and Ukrainian peasants did. Gypsies kept gold coins inside. Sometimes squiffy men piled their treasures in front of each other to boast.

Charles Leland (1824 - 1903) Folkorist whose Aradia (1899) propagates the theme of a peasant goddess religion persecuted by the Catholic Church. Coins the term "Old Religion."

Morris dancers in traditional costume watch the burning of the Wicker Man at the 2011 Beltain festival held at Butser Ancient Farm by Anguskirk, via Flickr