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Alfred Nugent (Mat Milne) - - James "Jimmy" Kent (Ed Speleers) - - Mr Carson (Jim Carter) - - Thomas Barrow (Rob James Collier) - - Downton Abbey

ncis-addiction: Abby: “Hey Gibbs! You feel better, Jimmy, or should I do it again?”Gibbs: “Do what again?”Palmer: “Sorry, Agent Gibbs… I pulled my oblique while extracting Petty Officer McCaffrey down the ladder off the Gentry, and… Abby’s been Rolfing me.”Gibbs: “… Rolfing you?”Palmer: “Yeah! … Uh… yeah… I’m gonna go down to Autopsy.”Gibbs: “Rolfing, Abbs?”[…]Gibbs: “Nice work. Who knew Palmer had abs like that?”NCIS 9x14 “Life Before His Eyes”