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This week, as General Motors CEO Mary Barra goes in front of House and Senate panels investigating ignition switch problems in her company's vehicles, she'll be talking to many members whose campaigns have received contributions from the company she steers.

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Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21-hour speech earlier this week seemed meant to please a certain subset of his supporters — and that it did. We’ve now got a full analysis available of Cruz’s biggest financial backers.

Kent Sorenson, of Milo, Iowa, has been at the center of accusations that he was paid for his endorsement, first by the Bachmann campaign and then by the Paul campaign, in late 2011. Sorenson switched his endorsement at the last moment before the Iowa caucuses in the 2012 race, but vehemently denied he had been paid to do so.

In Hawaii, Saturday’s Democratic Senate primary is a whirlwind of inter-party haggling. A presidential endorsement for incumbent Sen. Brian Schatz has been overshadowed by his predecessor’s dying wish that challenger Rep. Colleen Hanabusa be appointed to the seat. We look at the players (and the money) in this whirlwind Senate primary.

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Defense contractors lost a strong House ally today. Russ Choma discusses Rep. Buck McKeon's retirement -- and his top supporters and beneficiaries.

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Americans for Prosperity, the political nonprofit formed with the backing of conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch, gave a $100,000 grant to another dark money group linked to the Kochs in 2012, according to tax forms filed Friday with the IRS.

The dark money group founded by a former Cantor staffer pays well, and has friends in the right places: more than $7 million of its $12.7 million in revenues last year came from just five donors.