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The Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), a species of bird found exclusively in the tropical and sub-tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. The blue feet are a sexually selected trait, and both males and females are keener on partners with brighter feet. The males perform a "dancing" ritual, first lifting one foot and then another, in order to attract a mate.

paris2london:rhamphotheca:Unstoppable by Jez Kemp(see more designs by JezKemp at Red Bubble)This shouldn’t had made me laugh as much as

Is it weird that I just want to eat gold fruit and see peoples expressions?

hahaha... it's true. I had to work really hard to not crack up in that scene--all because of her face.

Peeta: Because she came here with me. Katniss: WHAT DA FUK PEETA YOU FAGGOT The beginning of a love story. Hahaha.