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Guinea Fowl are great snake repellents, as are geese.

Doris Duke, from my blog post "Barbara and Doris: The Original Frenemies"

Dearest Neighbors Please DO NOT call the Police, It's not domestic violence, or a wild party. It's hockey season, that's me screaming at my TV. | Sports Ecard

RWBY- The Monkey and Bull, dueling for the affection of the Cat, who's heart already belongs to the Lioness....

Who was I kidding? Of course he doesn't just want to be just a cop, now he wants to be on the tactical team. - tell me about it. Just when I thought he got that idea out of his head, he brings it up again.

from Twitter

Brit Hume on

"Wonder when Al Sharpton is going to stick up for this poor guy. " -- Brit Hume. The ethics of MSLSD: