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The Newton Stone - is an ancient pillar stone, found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The stone contains two inscriptions, one identified as Ogham, but the second script has never been positively identified and many different decipherments or theories have been proposed since the 1850's.

Egypt, ca. 1390–1353 B.C. Made out of Elephant Ivory. This leaping hunting dog can be made to open and close its mouth using the lever beneath the chest. Originally secured by means of a thong tied through the hole in the back of its neck and two in the throat, the lever was later attached with a metal dowel in the right shoulder. When the mouth is opened, two teeth and a red tongue are visible.

Cuneiform tablet: administrative account of barley distribution with cylinder seal impression of a male figure, hunting dogs, and boars Period: Jemdet Nasr Date: ca. 3100–2900 B.C. Geography: Mesopotamia, probably from Uruk (modern Warka) Culture: Sumerian Medium: Clay