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Мы вырастаем из книг, как из старой одежды. Детское нам слишком ярко, цветно и мало, И авантюр подростковых, фантастик не надо давно, Но на закрытые книги глядим всё с такой же надеждой — Будто на новой странице и в жизни всё будет новó...

Here's a blog about Fechin Art Reproductions and the work of Nicolai Fechin. To learn more about all of the publications, reproductions and workshops that Fechin Art Reproductions offers visit

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You Are Going to Die

"You Are Going to Die," By TIM KREIDER "The sheltered prince Siddartha Gautama was supposedly set on the path to becoming the Buddha when he was out riding and happened to see an old man, a sick man and a dead man. Today he’d be spared the discomfiture, and the enlightenment, unless he were riding mass transit."