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Moulins - trésors cachés sous le quartier historique - Les Caves Bertine n'ont pas encore livré tous leurs secrets

A troglodyte, pronounced trog-luh-dahyt, is a prehistoric cave dweller or other type of secluded and peculiar creature. If you get to know one youll find they are actually quite endearing. This one is named Crumb. He paints slippers on spiders and collects typewriter keys. 14 inches tall. Machine and hand sewn with hand painted horns and hand sculpted eyes. NOT CHILD SAFE

Kinver Edge Rock Houses.

Matera, Basilicata, Italy ... How this fills my heart with longing. Don't know what it is about old places, stone, doors, windows, and of course Italy that makes my heart beat faster as if I'm seeing a long lost lover.

The ancient troglodyte cave dwellings, known as Sassi, in Matera, Southern Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

troglodyte chateau deux, loire valley, france the stone in this part of the Loire Valley is called Truffe and is really soft. It was quarried to build the towns but then some people decided the caves created from the quarries were cool and decided to live in them. Here is one of the more fancy examples we saw. #travel

Now THAT'S a basement. Take the elevator down a couple hundred feet to my own private bat cave. Minus the bats.

50 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

This shelter would be good for wilderness survival because of how everything kind of blends in.

This Guy Decided To Knock Down A Wall In His House. What He Found Blew Me Away.

Derinkuyu Underground City in Cappadocia, Turkey. This round rock at the entrance of the underground city weighs 1000 lbs and can ONLY be opened from the inside.