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Fire Starting 101: The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival

Fire Starting 101 - The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival | In a survival situation, fire is your friend and should be one of your first priorities. Being able to build and maintain a fire can literally save your life. If you stink at fire building (as I once did), don’t despair. | #preparedness #skills #fire

The UPSIDE DOWN FIRE technique rocks. It’s a cleaner burn with far less smoke and better combustion, gives off more heat, needs less tending and uses the embodied energy in wood more efficiently than the tipi-esque fire method.

Camp cooking _ A couple of bricks 18" apart with the rack from an old oven or barbeque set on top & you have a grill. You can use wood underneath or even briquets. I have even seen this kind of setup using sterno fuel. So maybe you even have a woodstove in your house and can cook on that, I have used my own woodstove for that purpose. That kills two birds with one stone, heat & cooking. You can even move it outside if you need to use it for cooking during the hot months.