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Check out this awesome 1969 Mustang. Here at JMC, we have always loved these Old School Muscle Cars.

'68 Chevy Nova SS dig those hot wheels...does your ride need hotter wheels?

I don't think mine was pink, but it definitely had a banana seat and butterfly handlebars!

1957 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman 2-Door Hardtop, I like old school cars so any classic vehicle with ref would work

I’d like a cheap date. You know? One of those nights where we could just lay a blanket on the grass, and lay underneath the stars? Share a conversation, build a bond, share stories, and deep secrets. Maybe a walk and a picnic at the park. Something old fashioned beats anything, rather than just watching a movie and eating dinner. I’d like to do something nobody really does anymore. Let’s have a cheap date. - Witty Profiles Quote 6472211

'58 Chevy Biscayne had one like this in high school.