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dear world, when a girl is quie, you already know that's dangerous. the things that constantly torture thsi girl keep repeating. and she has tried to please the people surrounding her; but now she's tired. give her a break. the ones around her make her feel ugly, like an idiot or never good enough. the people around her never appreciate the things she does for them. this girl is dying inside. she's tried physically, emotionally, and mentally. (cont)

With a passion but I am who I am and im not changing just for you stupid a** opinion so just stop trying to get me to be happy isn't acting enough you don't care anyway..

Here is a great video explaining the effects of cyberbullying and how girls can work together to put an end to it.

self injury | ... suicide pain hurt crying self harm sadness self injury mental illness

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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? I've Had This Question For A Real Long Time...

"Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? I've Had This Question For A Real Long Time..." by batmanjayy ❤ liked on Polyvore

Sittin out in the field, writting down song lyrics, sharing God's love and stargazing. :)

Marilyn Monroe 1962 on the set of "Something's Got to Give"

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Only If You Knew The Truth. - Arianuh

Or if only people would stop and think maybe I need someone too..