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Women's 3 Blade Refillable Razors - Buy Razors

ShaveMOB's 3 blade razor is the practical solution for a perfectly smooth shave. #shaving #razors

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Women's 4 Blade Razors - Buy Discount Razors

ShaveMOB Women's 4 Blade Razors & Reviews | Monthly Refillable Razor Cartridges for the "Purist" #shaving #razors

A Quick History Of Women & Shaving - Ladies, make sure you are #Shaving Smarter. Go to and order your razors today.

Hey ladies, isn't this the truth? Hopefully you've been ordering your razors at a great discount at so you can have a sharp razor when you shave : ) #ShaveSmarter

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Beauty New Uses

While a bottle of expired sunscreen will no longer protect you from UV rays, it can still protect you from razor burn. Use it when lubing up to keep legs smooth all year long.

#Ladies, don't let this be you. Order some razors at - you'll save a lot of money and love having smooth legs! #ShaveSmarter

#Mob, take a look at these tips and share with your family and friends. Make sure you also share where you can buy the best razors at the best prices! #ShaveSmarter

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How to Shave Legs Perfectly

How to Shave Legs Perfectly - because it always drives me crazy that I miss spots!

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Women's 6 Blade Razors - Monthly Refillable Razors

PERFECTIONIST WOMEN'S 6 BLADE REFILLABLE CARTRIDGE RAZOR The 6 blade razor provides the perfect shave in the shortest amount of time. Features - 6 stainless steel, precision-cut blades Optional Flexible head for a perfect-smooth around curves - Lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil - Non-clogging Flow-through blade design - Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle - Replaceable cartridge razor - Non-slip handle

#Mob, hopefully for most of you, it feels like summer! If it does, it means shaving more often which some of us dread! Here are some tips on how to shave less often! #ShaveSmarter