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can I interest you in an unlimited Data plan?

StarTrek: Hey, girl, can I interest you in an unlimited Data plan?

Sassy Spock- This is why I love that Quinto was cast as Spock!- Nailed it!! Like a BOSS!

Funny pictures about Sassy Spock. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Spock. Also, Sassy Spock.

My parents with my laptop

Scott "hello computer" :-) one of my favourite Star Trek movie moments

A great Star Trek poster of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scottie, and Chekov! Homeland…

Star Trek Homeland Security Poster 24x36

A great Star Trek poster! Homeland Security - Keeping the galaxy safe since Fully licensed. Boldly Go and check out the rest of our awesome selection of Star Trek poste

To no one in particular. #nerds

Kirk is just the best, creating peace between Trekkies and Star Wars nerds. though I have yet to watch the latter.

Proof that Data is smarter than Picard!!!

A couple of enterprising gentlemen.

Drama Queen Chekov Sulu is totally texting. In the 60s...

Is he texting? <--- yep "omg chekov is such a drama queen whatevs cap is coming ttyl" >>>> That is so funny, it really does look like he's texting.