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Venus emerging from the sea famously captured the imagination of painters Botticelli and Titian, but I wondered how popular this theme was in classical antiquity and before. When the ancients thought...

"The Goddess was the embodiment of shared cultural worship of the feminine divine. Gathering attributes of multiple cultures as she moved around, she was referred to by many names. To the Phoenicians she was Astarte, to the Assyrians she was Ishtar, and to the Cypriots she was Aphrodite..." from 'Flight of the Goddess' by Emma Louise Weston - Image of Aphrodite Anadyomene on a wall fresco from Pompeii (before 79 CE)

Venus (mosaic). Roman, (3rd century AD) / Bignor Roman Villa, West Sussex, UK / Ancient Art and Architecture Collection Ltd. / The Bridgeman Art Library

Ares and Aphrodite, erotic fresco from House of punished love, Pompeii. Ares crowned with an elaborate crested helm, caresses the goddess Venus, erotic fresco 9249 Secret Cabinet, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples

Ancient Kourion (Cyprus). 'Founded in Neolithic times and gloriously perched on a hillside overlooking the sea, Ancient Kourion flourished under the Mycenaeans, Ptolemies, Romans and, later, the Christians. This is the most spectacular of the South’s archaeological sites, including some well-preserved and fascinating mosaics.' text