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Explore Aphrodite Pompeii, Aphrodite Fresco and more!

Murale di Pompei (Casa di Venere), della "Venere Anadiomene" (I secolo). Copia di un originale greco, un ritratto che si crede essere di Campaspe, una delle concubine di Alessandro Magno.

Absolutely amazing to stroll through. Unbelievable how advanced they were in architecture and engineering!

A Baker and His Wife, Roman (Pompeii, Italy), before 79 C.E., fresco, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples. The frescos in Pompeii are lovely and are very well preserved. Conservation is very important also.

Fresco detail from a Pompeii House/Great classical Victory or Nike, notice the soft colors with contrasting Pompeiian red!

Fresco from Akrotiri, the "Minoan Pompeii" in Santorini. Covered by lava around 1450 BC, amazingly preserved. Must see.

Herculaneum, Italy. A completely perfectly preserved ancient village down the road from Pompey. Bloody mind blowing, awesome!

Detail of mosaic from Herculaneum, Italy, before 79 CE.