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Conair "Beauty Essentials" Nail Dryer by Conair. $29.99. Nails dry in minutes. Provides flawless salon finish.. Convenient side compartment holds nail polish.. Operates with 4 AA patteries (not included). Automatic pressure-activated On/Off rest stand.. Wet nails and In a hurry? Dry them quick! Going on a trip and need to keep the nails in beautiful shape? It's portable and packable. Don't want a large, expensive nail dryer? This is the one for you!

SERIOUSLY?? Trying this next time I paint my nails. Paint your nails. Run them under cool water. They're dry.

15 Holiday Manicures That Are Actually Easy

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1.) Fill your cup with hot water 2.) Holding your nail polish upside down, submerge the handle of the bottle into the hot water 3.) Hold for 3-5 minutes 4.) Remove and unscrew – the hot water loosens the hardened nail polish so it should come off easily 5.) If you are having trouble gripping the top, simply wrap a rubber band around it for a better grip

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