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By Mark Wallinger - Wallinger turns everyday moments of life into transcendent possibilities, Attempting to systematise nature, the mundane and the abstract, 10000000000000000 2012 catalogues and compares 65,536 stones, each occupying its own square on a gargantuan checkerboard.

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Mark Wallinger, Site – in pictures

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A #gorilla? Two #reindeers? A #clown? A crying #ant? What do you see in Mark Wallinger's 'id Painting 37' (2015)? 'Mark Wallinger. ID' is on display at Hauser & Wirth London through Saturday 7 May 2016. Image: Mark Wallinger id Painting 37 2015 #id #wallinger #freud #blackandwhite #hands #paint #painting #acrylic #britishartist #art #artist #dontmiss #whatdoyousee #hauserwirth #rorschach #markwallinger by hauserwirth

Mark Wallinger, The Black Horse, 2015

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This is Mark Wallinger‘s “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space 2001″, a life-sized mirrored model of the TARDIS from “Doctor Who,” which at certain angles seems to blend into its environment. It was exhibited at The Hayward Gallery in February 2009. (Brilliant! ♥♥♥♥)