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Grilled tandoori tofu http://mobile.eatingwell.com/recipes/tandoori_tofu.html

Tandoori Chicken Pizza – With hummus, a fragrant blend of spices, and topping of sour cream, this is the kind of pizza recipe your favorite Indian restaurant might serve—and the kind of delicious dish you want to serve on your dinner table!

Tandoori Chicken | Tandoori chicken is a well-known Indian and Pakistani delicacy. It's served at weddings, dinner parties, barbecues and anywhere else where people want happy guests. This simple recipe includes oven and grill directions.

Tandoori Cauliflower or Tandoori Gobi is a spicy and delicious appetizer prepared using yogurt and aromatic spices. This recipe can be served as an evening snack along with tea. #bhgfood #buzzfeedfood #feedfeed #snack #appetizer #cauliflower #diet #bake #spicy #dinner #christmas

Make the Butter Chicken tonight that is a delicious preparation of chicken in rich tomato gravy flavored with Tandoori Mayo. Serve it along with rice or phulkas for a delish dinner. Mayo Recipe #MadeWithDelmonte #WorksEveryTime Recipe Link --> http://ift.tt/2fIlrm0 #Vegetarian #Recipes

Go a little exotic for an easy weeknight dinner or one that will impress guests! This recipe riffs on India's famous tandoori chicken-electric red chicken pieces marinated in a savory yogurt and spice mixture and cooked in a tandoor oven. But the marinade is wonderful on shrimp (or lobster), and uses ingredients you probably have in your pantry. Serve the shrimp with long grain or basmati rice.

Make this delicious creamy dal makhani made with whole black urad dal and rajma. The buttery and creamy flavours of dal is made without onion and garlic. Serve it with tandoori roti paneer tika masala and burani raita for wholesome dinner. Recipe by Riya. #NoOnionNoGarlicContest http://ift.tt/2cF7Z1E #Vegetarian #Recipes

Tandoori chicken is a classic at most Indian restaurants. We wanted a recipe that would provide the signature bright red color without food coloring — or a special tandoor oven. Marinate the chicken beforehand and then roast all the ingredients together on one pan. Serve with brown rice and your favorite chutneys. This recipe has been…

Heres Hyderabadi Marag which is a flavourful thin mutton stew and usually served as a starter. Hyderabad is known for its exquisite and aromatic non-veg delicacies. The stew is full of flavours and spices. Serve Hyderabadi marag with Tandoori naan or rumali roti for weekend dinner. Recipe by Nusrath. In association with Preethi Kitchen Appliances. #Mothersday. --> http://ift.tt/1Tu04DB #Vegetarian #Recipes

lasooni paneer tikka roll - paneer tikka roll recipelasooni paneer tikka rolllasooni paneer tikka roll recipe - garlic paneer tikka roll with step by step pictures.This is an easy breakfast or dinner roll,which fulls stomach and this is best served with mint chutney,a dip served with tikkas and kebabs.I tasted this tikka twice but not sure of flavors,so i did not try that in home.I saw the same recipe with chicken in my cookbook and finally i want to give a try on that.That is tandoori…

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