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my friends all say i love him. idk though, he doesn't seem to like me anymore. did they ever actually? maybe i am a little bit obsessed, I, S and C.

i feel empty yet so full of emotion like the smallest thing could push me over the edge what do you do when there's nothing but pain left inside you and what if everythin we were looking for only existed in our dreams how do you explain something you don't even understand yourself

i know that you're no good for me but it's worse without you, even when i try not to want you i end up needing you, you're my favorite joy yet my endless pain. i tried to hate you but the only thing i hated is how much i loved you

Tumblr Quotes and Sayings - BakedGoodz - made me tear up a little because it is so true. A few seconds after reading it, I did think of someone who does makes me smile

As far back as I can remember when someone asked me how I was, I always responded with the word fine. Way back even in elementary school.