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How do we get to the point where we care more about God's Kingdom than our own comfort? #blog

Some Suggestions Regarding Child Sex #Trafficking. #blog

Our Pain, Our Suffering: Jesus Enters It All. #blog #goodfriday

Each female inmate was offered a rose, symbolizing Jesus' love and offer of redemption. #blog: When Your Address is Rock Bottom

#Blog: God's Got It Covered: Part of what I've learned while working at Christian Aid Mission is that God has some very #creative ways of reaching people. And He's not limited like we humans are.

Two Responses to Ridicule & Mockery. Contrast Jesus with Mohammed. #blog

Leading Cannibals, Polygamists, and Naked People to Jesus. #blog

#Blog: An Assault by Grace:“The Cold War ended not in a nuclear inferno, but in a blaze of candles in the churches of Eastern Europe.” –Sam Nunn, former U.S. senator