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They are everywhere. I thing they must traveling in time and space, maybe, i don't know, with some Time Lord.


My mind is officially blown…

Hang on... Holmes is spock's ancestor? Distantly related or direct descendent? Did sherlock manage to impregnate someone? Cos that would be newsworthy. Geeks everywhere need to know HOW.

This part broke my heart!! I wish Merlin could've told Arthur about his magic right here.

The person who write this post literally said thank you and you're saying it was ruined?

Hedgehogs that look like Martin Freeman, otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

It's okay....I didn't need my heart anymore. Go ahead and crush it dome's not quite broken yet.

This dialogue is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

HEAD CANON ACCEPTED! I personally love this! I read another head canon that said that the reason he always wore a scarf is because it was like a "security blanket". These head canons go hand in hand, I thought.