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As ‘Downton’ turns: Changes afoot as PBS’s relentlessly soapy series returns for a fifth season - The Boston Globe

”Downton Abbey” is a big, fat, juicy soap opera — a “story” — and you know what? That’s OK. If it’s not the high-minded drama promised by season one, so be it. We can still love it in all its tastefully torrid glory.

Jimmy Stewart and Gloria McLean married in August 1949, when Stewart was 41 years old. They were married for 45 years - a rare thing for a Hollywood marriage!

Ricky Nelson - (aka Eric Hilliard Nelson) - (1940 - 1985) - Actor, Composer, Singer - Best know role in "Ozzie & Harriet" a sitcom in his early years - Tragically died in a plane crash at 45 - "Requiescat in pace"

In 1980, Maxwell Caulfield married actress Juliet Mills, 18 years his senior. They are still married in 2013. Married 33 years

Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks, 1983 Married 41 years. "You know, it took because Anne and I both grew up during the marriage, we both grew up, we both knew what was really important, and what love meant, and ... what doing for each other meant."

from We Had Faces Then

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart on their wedding...

Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall on their wedding day. They reamained married until Bogies death! He was 25 years her senior!!