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Takeshia Kosugi, Anima I & Ben Vautier, Attaché de Ben & George Maciunas, Solo for Violin. Simultaneous performance, May 23rd 1964, by Ben Vautier and Alison Knowles (not pictured) during “Fluxus Street Theatre” as part of “Fluxus Festival at Fauxhall” New York City. Photography by George Maciunas. 51 x 40.5 cm

This is a great Disney video I discovered on Youtube that I plugged into to our unit on Ben Franklin. My kids loved it!! Walt Disney - Ben And Me (1/2) - 1953

Sometimes when people get my name wrong but say it with confidence, I have a moment of doubt, like... "Maybe my name IS Dianne..?"

"His name is Reiki, he is a young baby... and it's not a toy, it's a real donkey. I [Ben Heine] took this picture in Braives, Belgium."

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