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An Illustrated Guide To Surviving A Lightning Strike

Each year, roughly 240,000 are struck by lightning and survive. How do you increase your odds? This illustration can help.

10 People Who Survived the Impossible

10 People Who Survived the Impossible (Survivors, Survived, Struck by Lightning, Andes Crash, Survive the Sahara, Vesna Vulovic, Frane Selak, Andes Survivors, Bugorski, Joe Simpson, Roy Sullivan, Truman Duncan, Aron Ralston, Mauro Prosperi) - ODDEE

The World’s Coolest Scar

The Lichtenberg figure- or lightning flower- is a strange phenomenon that occurs in objects, land masses, and people who are struck by lightning. In humans, lightning flowers are thought to be caused by the passage of lightning/shock wave currents flashing over the skin, causing capillaries under the skin to rupture. Click to see more photos that substantiate the claim.

Yes. I'm terrified of all bugs. No joke. Unless it's ladybugs, butterflies, rollypollies, lightning bugs, or worms. I'm sure there are a couple more but other then that keep away from me!

Okay, I really hope this happens at some point. Can Newt and Tina please help Credence somehow?