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This is a fun activity that uses conversation hearts to reinforce the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents. This is a great activity that will keep your students engaged! Fun! Food! Activity!

fractions, decimals, percents

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Mosaics.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Fraction Decimal Number Line - A FUN Hands-On Activity

In this activity students are asked to align decimals up on the number line. This is great practice for students to get familiar with decimals and how they are related to whole numbers and fractions. The Marzano strategy this activity would fall under would be nonlinguistic representation.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Math

Really Awesome fun! Conversation Heart Math - Need something for math class on Valentine's Day? Conversation Heart Math will provide some fun math activities for those conversation hearts. $

Turn fractions to decimals to percents

from Teachers Pay Teachers

I Have, Who Has? Fraction, Decimal & Percents

I Have, Who Has? Fractions, Decimals & Percents. Gr 4-6

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Equivalent Fractions: Centers, Games, and Activities to Build Understanding

Equivalent Fractions Fun! Students color equivalent fractions a certain color, and other fun fraction activities! $