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Watercolor Travel Set Handmade from recycled by GardnerScott
Check out these amazing MINI emergency kits that cover just about every crisis that might arise...and take up hardly any room!
I love art on the go!Watercolor Travel Kit....  Creative Journey blog.
Here's my favorite watercolor set. I made it out of an Altoids tin and water bottle caps, and then filled it with Daniel Smith watercolor paints. It fits in my pocket, so I take it everywhere I go.
How to make a DIY Portable Watercolor Palette to carry with you - made from small altoid type tins. A pocket-sized travel watercolor paint box.
I LOVE Altoid tins....they hold lost of my supplies for field journaling....and in my dulcimer bag!! A tin do all!
I want to make a decopage Altoid tin box and put small pieces of paper and a small pencil in it for notes! I couldn't find an example online, but this site shows 22 ways to reuse an altoid tin... When I make mine, I'll pin it! :)
Travel watercolor kit using Altoids tin, small pans filled with watercolor paints dried, a sponge and cut off paint brushes.
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