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Honeysuckle / Caprifoglio Cologne

Santa Maria Novella TABACCO TOSCANO Cologne. Dedicated to the worlds famous Toscana Cigar first introduced in 1818 in the Tuscan town of Lucca, Italia. This light Tobacco scent has touches of Vanilla and Amber making it suitable for both Men and Women.

One of the world's great fragrances, this classic cologne with a citrus base, was created for Catherine de Medici, who, when she went to France to marry Henry II, brought her personal perfume-maker with her. There are various versions of the legend which explain how the "Acqua della Regina" (Water of the Queen) came to be commercialized as a cologne. Still hand-formulated in Florence by Santa Maria Novella... ♥


+ Anat Fritz: Tzora / Notes: Cassis, clary, bergamot, Peruvian pepper, magnolia, osmanthus, jasmine, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouly, musk, moss. Very resiny, salt air, and Song of Solomon. Falling love during harvest time at the Kibbutz. Summery, intense, gorgeous.