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cool nature shoes- transform flipflops into animal track shoes using a hot glue gun and sheets of colored craft foam. let each child choose an animal--cougar, porcupine, deer. Let your creative imagination go! People are going to come behind you on the trail and think wild animals were walking here :)

My Little Yum-Yum is not a happy bunny right now. His new gruffalo slippers have a hole in them already. He said there was “too much blood”, so to prevent any more blood loss, he said t…

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Furry Monster Slippers - Grey with Black Claws - Adult Sized

WANT. "Where The Wild Things Are" Slippers. Doubt they make em' in Men's sizes though. :/

The Gruffalo slippers Toddler Gruffalo slippers, bought in England. Like new, hardly worn, no flaws. Shoes Slippers

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Halloween: costumes

A good one for smaller children. Buy some cheap brown fleece from your local fabric shop and cut to size. Then use the cut-offs to make a tail. To make the 'prickles' that run down his back, cut off lengths of purple wool and attach to the fleece. Add a pair of monster feet slippers and a mask printed off from the Gruffalo website.

Gruffalo Pyjama Case. £18.00 ‘He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws. And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws!’ Maybe so – but he’s still kinda cute! With all his defining characteristics, this pyjama case looks like it’s leapt off the page of the hit children’s storybook.