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Integrated Chinese Lesson 12 Grammar Adverb 多少 duōshǎo + V - YouTube

Mandarin Chinese lessons for beginners: How to say and answer "How are you?" like a native Chinese speaker! Want a private lesson for just $1? Sign up with t...

Hi, my dear friends. I just update my Chinese language Learning program. Please check the new lesson! http://youtu.be/cYJeAHWPbRY This lesson is about Chinese grammar: what are the difference of "de的", "de得", "de地" in Chinese. Please find text at: http://aboutthechineselanguage.blogspot.com/

Learn Mandarin Chinese Language Lesson for Beginners: HSK2 Actions as past experience. The structure is: Subject + verb + 过guò + object In this video, we are...

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