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Wallpaper and background photos of Jefferson for fans of Once Upon A Time images.

"I can't lose you too." Emma - 6 * 3 "Rocky Road" #CaptainSwan

" Emma - 6 * 3 "Rocky Road" this is essentially the OUAT equivalent of "I love you"

At this moment I was like "OH HELL NO, DAMN YOU ADAM HOROWITZ AND EDWARD KITSIS. DAMN YOU, LITTLE BASTARDS" and then I throw furiously my shoe at the TV

Emma Swan is the new Dark One! OUAT "Operation Mongoose Part

Soul MATES :) see the irony!!?? ehehe <3 and in the comic con panel Hook was going insane ehehhehehe so cute! #ouat

CaptainSwan - The difference between true love & soulmate.

Snow Queen and Elsa - 4 * 5 " Breaking Glass. "

And people say I have problems when this bitch is running around and endangering her "family" . does she truly believe that Elsa would be okay with this? Like seriously. She needs to go to the asylum.