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Andy Warhol with large format Polaroid camera and Self-Portrait photograph, 1976 (Polaroid) © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.|

Andy Warhol, Andy2, 1985, ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visuals Arts, Inc., courtesy of The Andy Warhol Museum

from the Guardian

Sam Shepard: 'America is on its way out as a culture'

Shepard and Patti Smith in a performance of their play Cowboy Mouth in 1971. Photograph: Gerard Malanga

Living on the shore of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto, photographer Matt Molloy has daily encounters with brilliant sunsets and cloudscapes that he’s been photographing for over three years. One day he began experimenting with time-lapse sequences by taking hundreds of images as the sun set and the clouds moved through the sky. Molloy then digitally stacked the numerous photos to reveal shifts in color and shape reminiscent of painterly brush strokes that smeared the sky.