Texas Topaz. I want this mounted as my new wedding ring when Rob and I celebrate 25 years of glorious marriage. Rob has 5 years. That is a lot of notice.

10mm Lone Star Cut Topaz Scroll Ring... YEP ... this is even better ... I want this one!!!!

Texas State Flag ring, made with Texas Topaz from Mason County in a 4ct round masterfully faceted in the "Lone Star" cut, set in 14k white gold with VS quality diamonds and high quality rubies (22 of each). Available by custom order from usgemstones.com

Texas blue topaz was designated the official state gemstone in 1969 and in 1977 the lonestar cut was also recognized as the official state gemstone cut. The Lone Star Cut, designed by two native Texans, is a special gemstone cut that reflects a five-pointed star (the lone star of Texas).

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