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Extreme Photo of the Week by @jaspergibson "These guys are next level says photographer Jasper Gibson of this photo he took of kayaker @aniolserrasolses dropping off a 70-foot waterfall called Twisted Pleasure on the Jalacingo River near Veracruz Mexico. "They are in the middle of the jungle maybe a mile or two away from transportationit would be terrible to get hurt out there. It is inspiring to watch professional athletes that are at the top of their sport pushing the limits of what is…

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Unique Backyard And Garden Fountains

Have We Lost The Real Sense Of Paradise ?...By The Rhythm Of Our Lives,It Seems Almost !...With Unhuman Behavior We Put Ourselves In Jeopardize !...We´re Heading To Self Destruction,We´re Totally Lost !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapings ?... Samissomar

World Inspiration: A temple and/or mining entrance. Potentially somewhere in the cave that houses the underground Human city of Barta.

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Top 10 Most Incredible Waterfalls in the World

Oparkaa Water Fall, Kauai, Hawaii Detian Waterfall, China Proxy falls, Oregon Mossbrae Falls, California, United States The Krimml Waterfalls, Stadt Salzbu

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8 Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

Hengifoss: The second highest waterfall of Iceland WATERFALLS : More at FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

'Eye of the beholder' Jasper National Park, Maligne Canyon, Alberta, Canada | Frozen Waterfall | Maligne Canyon measures over 160 feet deep. In the summer months this Canyon is home to waterfalls and rushing currents but in the winter the frozen canyon floor becomes a magical world of unimaginable ice formations.