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shiemi_moriyama_by_baileyley-d58e3tg.jpg 752×1,063 pixels

ADOPTED *soft snoring* (We don't know much about Karen. She showed up a few days ago during the thunderstorm, freezing and soaked. She hasn't told us much yet, but she's told us she's 14 and loves horseback riding. She also enjoys playing with baby animals and children. She could really use a good home.)

Rin-x-Shiemi-rin-x-shiemi-24369028-500-695.jpg 500×695 pixels

Princess with short blond hair, green eyes, white dress, & pink ribbon by manga artist Shiitake.

(What I think of as) Rin x Shiemi from Ao no Exorcist chapter 33

from Etsy

Soul Eater Maka Albarn 50cm long straight sand blonde twin tails cosplay wig ( KA016 )

Style: Twin tails straight smooth cosplay wig with short bangs (with natural scalpt on top) Since make's hair style is high tied thin twin tails, in order to be more faithful the her hair style; I especially designed the twin tails like that :) Hope you like it.

Anime. Anime Girl. Flowers. Glasses. Short Blonde Hair. Shot Light Brown Hair. Dark Brown Eyes.