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How does a coal fired power station work? This is an infographic that explains how it works. #infographic #powerstation

Our Wonderful Age of Abundance by discovermagazine: Currently, thanks to the exponential growth rate of technology combined with three powerful emerging trends, we are teetering on the edge of a much better tomorrow. Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education, top-tier medical care, nonpolluting and ubiquitous energy. Imagine a world of abundance. #Infographic #World_Population #Technology

AT&T to Introduce Solar-Powered Charging Stations

AT in partnership with NYC launched 25 solar-powered charging stations in parks and other outdoor spaces across the city! #solar

What can #Algae do for us besides produce #Biofuels?; How about produce enough energy to power a small lamp?!

Dyslexia Worksheets: Help with b,d,p and q reversals

This set now contains 48 worksheets designed to help children practice the common reversals of b,d,p and q. I made these for my dyslexic son and have also been using them in my kindergarten classroom to strengthen my students abilities to recognize these letters easily.