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Georgina Đuka Tesla (Mandić) Nikola Tesla's mother, she was "talented in making and inventing home craft tools and memorized many Serbian epic poems, but never learned to read "the Tesla and Mandić families originally came from the western part of Serbia" Georgina was the daughter of Nikola and Sofija Mandić, her father was a well known Serbian Orthodox priest. She was a very intelligent and crafty woman, all tho illiterate she invented and made many home craft tools made out of iron and…

him about my experience, and with astonishment I watched the great master of laughter crying." ~ Nikola Tesla

Goethe's Faust was an inspiration for Nikola Tesla. He knew by heart the Faust. By reciting the Faust in the park in Budapest, he discovered the rotating magnetic field which is the heart of his induction motor and alternating current electricity. It is also a basis for MRI technology, therefore Tesla's name was honored with the Tesla Unit, used to measure the capacity of MRI machines.