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Many of us are guilty of selling ourselves short, but you could be hindering your #weightloss progress by doing this. Here's how to stop...

This is so true! I often say, "I don't eat that." Before, I used to say, "I can't have that." and it really makes a huge difference.


5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Happy, You Old Curmudgeon

Stress hormones appear to rapidly exacerbate the formation of brain lesions that are the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease, according to researchers at UC Irvine. The findings suggest that managing stress and reducing certain medications prescribed for the elderly could slow down the progression of this devastating disease. Learn other ways to protect yourself against Alzheimer's and take a free risk assessment at

I told myself I could eat for the past few days but I shouldn't have because I can't afford that and I don't want to eat again

from The Weigh We Were

Weight Loss Stories From Around The Web

"A healthy outside starts from the inside." - Robert Urich #weightloss #motivation #quotes #inspiration


Meditation for Beginners: Techniques for Awareness, Mindfulness & Relaxation (Paperback)


How Stress Affects The-Body #Infographic

Everyday should be stress free-