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Buddhist Teachings "The view that is presented in the Buddhist teachings is not one of becoming a better person, or finally getting it right, but is a view based on trusting what we already have, of starting and staying where we already are. "

5 thing that you should remind yourself of every day! This is so helpful! After a while you actully start to feel, believe, and notice a difference in your life! ( QUICK TIP: WITH A DRY ERASE MARKER RIGHT THESE ON A MIRROR IN YOUR WASHROOM )

David Attenborough. Made me fall in love with the splendors of the earth and the life that lives upon it. I've had a mad crush on him since youth.

Paul Tillich. He, Lloyd Geering, and Bishop John Shelby Spong helped me to understand that one needn't be literalistic, superstitious or idolatrous to comprehend the Bible or to follow Jesus.