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Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Fresno California Rally at the Paul Paul Amphitheater (5-29-16) - YouTube - 1:17:00

She's not a lying corporate whore willing to sell-out the environment and middle-class...she's not Hillary or an insane bigot !

There's this guy, Bernie Sanders, and he's running for President, and the people who support him are from several political parties, but sharing the belief that we need someone who cares about us and our lives and what we actually need. That's why we support him. We're Americans and we're standing together this time.

The last time a population was this angry with their government, guillotines were in every town square!

Amazing how Obama calling for Bernie to come aboard for sake of "party unity!" Where was he as DNC rigged elections!?? - 6/9/16

Stein nor Clinton have my vote yet, but I will not be shamed, bullied, or silenced into voting one way or another. If that happens what is the point? Stop telling voters that their choice is a waste. It's fear tactics and manipulation. It has no place in a democracy. (not to mention they may stay home in nov and take all their downstream dem votes with them-see what I did there?)

"What We Fear from Donald Trump, We Have Already Seen from Hillary Clinton" As appreciatively articulated, plus video & text recorded, via a June 9, 2016 interview with Democracy Now!, here:

Abby Martin on Bernie, Hilary, Jill Stein, and Trump

"Jill Stein rising Hillary falling| The Millennial Revolt: Jul 16, 2016 Links to all[…] Jill stein just picked up two major endorsements and interest in her campaign has skyrocketted on the other hand Hillary clinton is losing ground in key battle ground states against Donald Trump and her poll numbers are in the toilet" #WeCANdoBetter #WeAllNEEDbetter shifting from harming towards healing & harmonizing more #together with #BernieOrGreen2016 & the like #NotMeUS <3