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Robert Mitchum in Rachel and the Stranger. What a face that man had. Great hair, too...

Charles Farrell,the youthful, sunny-faced and handsome star of late-silents/early talkies. His career dwindled fairly rapidly by the late 1930's, though he later returned as a "character actor" in early television ("My Little Margie"). It's been said that his "voice didn't match his looks" (he had a rather light, and high-pitched voice and somewhat fey delivery of lines. But what a handsome fellow he was!

One of the last "discoveries" of the Hollywood studio system, the startlingly handsome CHAD EVERETT was certainly decorous enough to brighten any film he was featured in. I'd say he was the textbook example of how a handsome man could age gracefully.

Gorgeous, sweet James Ellison--he played a lot of second-leads, best friends, jilted beaux, etc. But when given the chance, he knew how to shine it on...with that adorable smile of his. Sort of the perfect "dream boyfriend," circa 1938...

Robert Mitchum looks over William Holden in the super-homo-charged "Rachel and the Stranger". One can hardly imagine a more decorous male cast than these two young stars at the peak of their beauty. Poor Loretta Young definitely takes a back seat in this one! The scene where the two of them wash up in the well together is heavy with double-meaning...wuff!

1930's tennis champion, briefly a film star and grandfather of Brooke Shields, the extraordinarily handsome Francis X. ("Frank") Shields.

6'5" SMITH BALLEW, bandleader/singing cowboy...and major heartthrob of the 1930's.

Robert Mitchum--did things his own way. Created a new category of sexiness, with his rough-hewn, "Baby, I don't care" insouciance.