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Lâng lâng đêm thứ bảy:" Em muốn ngủ với anh...Ý em không phải là "have sex". Mà là ngủ. Cùng nhau. Trong chăn. Trên giường. Với tay em đặt lên ngực anh, và tay anh choàng qua người em. Với cửa sổ mở hé và trời se lạnh để chúng mình xích lại gần nhau hơn. Không trò chuyện, chỉ ngủ thôi, hạnh phúc bình yên, trong im lặng..."

Witchy Crones - Silence photo by Rehahn C. Bui Thixong, 71-years-old, living and still working in Hoi An, Vietnam

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Hate this feeling!!

"...without my permission." Instant tears pool within my eyes. It's like a punch to my stomach. I love how the words are written, but hate how skillful they are in raising the once happy memories that will never be again.

but then you go out, have fun, get treated like royalty by other men, get drunk and party and forget for a while! Simple as ABC ;)

I can't wait for that special someone that I can send this message to

When she is happy, she can't stop talking, when she is sad she doesn't say a word. -Ann Brashares This is me. Silence is my cry for a hug.

Boom!!!!! Oh I'm sorry, did that hurt your feelings? I forgot your the only one who is allowed to have feelings or at least only your feelings matter. When you notice my absence you know I used the knife in my back to cut the cord.