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It'll always be Movember in my heart. Especially when someone mails me a glittery pack of mustaches!

New blog post - 2/24/14 - German Hookers in Brooklyn? Schnitzel Haus has them!

What My Kids Know is pretty important.

TA Woods has the ability to put perfectly into words what I struggle with. You Have Such a Pretty @penpaperpad

Some early thoughts about "A Tale of Two Prostitutes"

A look back at the week, an Ella Fitzgerald Tribute And Other Less Important Jazz

ComfyTown Fruit Special

Ever wonder what Yelp would be like if a kid wrote reviews? My 4 yr old reviewed the parks closest to Comfytown. May be an ongoing series, her wording is too funny!

Are the letters readable on this as a banner?

Did you see Alex is going to be in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of #OITNB Season 3? Like a VAUSS. Fans must really like her. Duh.