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It'll always be Movember in my heart. Especially when someone mails me a glittery pack of mustaches!

"I don't care, I'm not doing a deodorant commercial" and other things Kurt Cobain never got to say. ComfyTown Chronicles: Things Kurt Cobain Never Got To Say

I love our magnolia tree. It inspired me to make my first ever WORDLESS Wednesday yesterday. Beautiful tree! ComfyTown Chronicles: 1st Ever Wordless Wednesday: May Day 2013

Be sure to thank all the veterans you know on Facebook that have Facebook pages. All both of them.

Trying to create banner art is driving me INSANE. I'm tired of looking at myself. Can I get a blog intern??

This guy hates CHARITY! And other ranty jazz: BTS, ALS, ISIS, WTF: Attack of the Letters!