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Hello everyone! This is a role-play board where everything that you pin was written by you. The picture can come from someone else, but the words must be your own. If not, the pin will be deleted. If you want to join, just ask.

(Open to anyone, I will be RPing in third person, even though this intro is written in first!) I slide into my middle splits, grinning when I feel myself hit the floor. It took me ages to finally master it and I was so happy. I finish stretching and turn on Lindsey Stirling's "Master of Tides" and start dancing. I never realized someone was watching me until the clapping started when I was finished. (Boy or girl, it doesn't matter! I'm up for whatever as long as I am the girl in the pic!)

(Play the Vampire King) I walked into the abandoned English castle. I was doing a documentary on the castle's history. I saw tombs and started talking as I recorded. Saying the bones of the royal family was there. I put my camera down, pausing my recording. I looked at it and saw the sun set. I started packing up but, I was grabbed and pinned to a half opened tomb. I saw the Prince, he's supposed to be dead! I go wide eyed and he smirks. "Ahh...fresh blood."

((Play him)) I was kidnapped by him a few days ago. He was a Vampire Hunter. I was a simple Slave for a Vampire. Saved me if you will. He was a Vampire himself. I shiver as he licks my chin and edges closer to my lips. "Your mine." He growled and I nodded, not wanting to say anything. "Cat caught your tongue?" He growls and I tremble. He pulls back and looks into my eyes. I see his bare chest. Oh my gosh.

((Play him)) He was my Vampire boyfriend, we were hiding in the shed from my parents. Tears pouring down my face and he holds me close. Just staying quiet, not talking. I hear my parents scream and yell. "That's it, your coming home with me." He says, picking me up bridal style. I hang onto him as he runs. (Credit to @calee)

Anyone want to rp? I would prefer to be a girl and I have a few pins of mine that I would like to do. Comment below if you're interested!

(Open Rp, be her? Please be literate) Underworld. The land that sucks and no one is happy. You get here looking like what you died as - and I died being burnt alive. But there is one way out of it... But it's impossible. Every hundred years, you get a chance. You have one month to get someone to love you as you are. Succeed, and you can leave Underworld and return as you please, no longer bound by death - you even get your form back to! So here it was. I have been keeping a close eye on the…

(Open Rp, be her) I mutter something under my breath as i look around my cage. The other bandits laugh and taunt me, when all of a sudden one yells "Boss is here!". They go silent as a young woman walks up to my cage. "Nabbed him from our last village raid. They said in exchange for us mot razing the village, they'd give us him and some supplies." One informs her. She smiles slightly and chuckles. "Boy, you're in a heap of trouble, ain't you?" She asks. I gulp reactively.