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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

How To Drill Small Beach Stones

For drilling holes in small beach pebbles to use in jewelry, a 2.5mm diameter hollow coring bit works well. The bits they sell that are officially for Dremels are way too expensive, I highly recommend getting your bits from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. They have nice packs of 5 for $14 as opposed to one official Dremel bit for more than $20! You’ll be using all 5 of

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

What a wonderful and stunning way to wrap an undrilled or pretty beach stone. I love it, seems a stone feather

Beach Pebble necklace - river rock jewelry with Red Jasper handmade in Australia by NaturesArtMelbourne - perfect gift

Beach Pebble pendant necklace - the beauty of simplicity - river rock jewelry from Australia

Beach Pebble pendant necklace the beauty of simplicity shown by NaturesArtMelbourne,

What not to do: this rock is totally lost on the other rock.... River Rock Necklace River Rock Jewelry Beach Rock Necklace Beach Stone Jewelry Inspirational Jewelry

OK, who can tell me how to drill holes in rocks? I love this but it's just so easy to make myself. Well, depending on what I need to drill the holes in the stones. anyone? anyone?

Sea glass jewelry, Green Sea Glass Necklace -Scottish Seaglass-Surfers Necklace-Beachwear