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Yeah, good luck with that one Shang, he was able to make a man out of Mulan, but I don't know about 'Justin the Beaver'!

The Hunger Games Explorer vacation

YES. But the worse thing is, my hotel never has WiFi. It's a tent

Yes. Just Yes.

He is halitosis Aziz on texting. The reason girls think this is funny is because it's true. We do that. and usually if we don't text you back right away we're *hoping* you uninvite us to the pizza party. Though, I would never do that to Aziz.

The Tale of Two UMBRELLAS

The Tale of Two UMBRELLAS

sucks to know that the president of our country can't handle his own stuff. The queen of England can do things for herself why canr he?

love his confidence and why not

Mind if I comb over? - Guy with funny hair combed over his bald spot as a joke on "mind if I come over?

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Real Angry Birds Funny Picture Which is very Humorous and These Funny Angry Birds Make Smile Laugh and You Say These are The Real Life Angry Birds.