Heart Shape Metal Wind Chime - It is made from metal and the frame is shaped like a heart with a smaller heart inside, almost as if it is a metaphor for your intertwined love with your special someone. This wind chime features beautiful conical bells that tinkle with the sweetest of sounds that will form the background of numerous midnight conversations.

Esfera da alambre - adorno - wire

Rust Resistant Metal Heart Wind Chime with Beads and Bells - Made from metal, it features 9 symmetrical hearts arranged in a delightful pattern. Each heart has a colorful bead and a bell attached via a metal link. Hang this wind chime up in your bedroom to instantly add a romantic charm to the decor.

Abstract Scrolling Metal Wind Chime with Bells - features a near-symmetrical yet abstract design. The design of the wind chime is free-flowing and sure to spark some interesting conversations among your guests. Designed to attract generous attention and looks of admiration, this metal wind chime features an assortment of cute bells that emit sweet sounds when swaying to a draft of breeze.

Copper Finish Metal Turtle Wind Chime - The metal turtle wind chimes brings nature back into your life. Full of bright colored beads and animated life, this metal turtle wind chime quickly captures the imagination or all your garden visitors. Crafted from metal, this wind chime is durable and easy to maintain. The five bells together make for a lovely and soothing sound. Ideal for your garden area.

Grapevine Heart Mobile - Full Piece handmade by Paige with Evolution Flair

Metal Wind Chime with Colorful Beads - With nine bells hanging inside the curves and seven bells attached to its lower end, this wind chime certainly looks gorgeous. Its provided with a long chain link, and you can hang this wind chime at any desired place. Trendy and modern, this decoration piece is sure to enliven your living space with great beauty.

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