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A large diving duck with a long thin bill, the Red-breasted Merganser is found in large lakes, rivers and the ocean. It prefers salt water more than the other two species of merganser.

Northern Shoveler © Bill Thompson, Anchorage , Alaska, May 2010,

Lesser scaup. Male. Aythya affinis. Com. WV on fresh water, less so on salt water; uncom. SR on lakes east of Cascades, few west.

The Greater Scaup is found primarily along the seacoast and on large bodies of water. Unlike its look-alike relative the Lesser Scaup, the Greater Scaup is found across Eurasia as well as North America

A black-and-white seaduck common on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in winter, the Surf Scoter has a boldly patterned head that is the basis for its colloquial name "skunk-headed coot."