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Addition Strategy Mat for math journal. Each student can make their own depending on which strategy they use the most.

Addition Strategies Mat from Learning Adventures with Mrs. post also includes good ideas for organizing and running math centers

Funny Pictures - 26 Pics

Multiplication This is awesome! My mom taught me this growing up and I am now teaching my daughter it. My own math teacher at the time didn't even realize it until I showed her one day what Mom had shown me. :-) Make math easier for your kiddos!

Describing Quadrilaterals - Third Grade Math Common Core G

Describing Quadrilaterals

Describing Quadrilaterals - Common Core Geometry This product is a life saver! Geometry can be so tricky for - students to understand. This is my "cheat sheet" to help students learn everything there is to know about quadrilaterals.

Jeu de bingo avec des fractions

Fraction Bingo

GREAT FOR KIDDOS Fractions Bingo Game. For visual learners! Could add/subtract/mult/divide with these as answers

Love this genius tip for comparing fractions. Great way for kiddos to check their reasoning!

Check out this comparing fractions trick - it's great! Fractions Part With a FREEBIE!


Dingoden Family Outback Yapper: Montessori Math -- Place Value, Stamp Card Game

Multiplication Finger Tricks --- This is craziness! by candy

Multiplication Finger Tricks --- works from to I never knew what is without adding 7 to haha so now I know. I knew the 9 finger trick (different than this) but I like this

Free multiplication wheel worksheets!  Laminate and use Vis-a-vis's?

Skip Counting - Multiplication Worksheets This would be a good center, using clothes pegs to show answer.