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A bridal pantsuit is a cool alternative to a traditional dress and a great option for a rehearsal dinner. As such pantsuits are one of the hottest 2014 trends, many designers presented one or more models in their collection

Kahlo painted Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair shortly after she divorced her unfaithful husband, the artist Diego Rivera. As a painter of many self- portraits, she had often shown herself wearing a Mexican woman's traditional dresses and flowing hair; now, in renunciation of Rivera, she painted herself short haired and in a man's shirt, shoes, and oversized suit (presumably her former husband's).

Deep, rich shades of red roses in combination with blue-black, blue and muted neutral brown. The color scheme is a classic solution for male and female evening wardrobe. In such suits and dresses made ​​to attend the theater, conservatory, gourmet restaurants, some corporate events.

In the 19th century, The Royal Family may have wanted to instil a sense of patriotism and national pride by dressing the young Prince Edward VII in a version of Great Britain's Royal Navy uniform. In 1846 the Prince had his portrait painted wearing the suit and once the portrait was reproduced in the press, mothers hurried to dress their little boys like the Prince. The sailor suit was casual wear, but it is made up of many parts. An adult would have needed to help the boy dress.

1950's Black Cotton Sundress with Gold Border Design. Thinking of the sari fabrics available at Joann's Fabric . . .

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cate. I wanna dress like her. Do you think the kids would appreciate it while I was reading to them and finger painting with them?